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Central North Island
Wharepapa South
Central North Island
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Rock Type: Limestone
Route type: Sport
No. of routes: 70, height 10m to 35m
Grades: 15 to 27.
Comments: Updated Jan 2009: Steep limestone sports routes
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Rock Type: Riolite
Route type: Sport & Trad.
No. of routes: 40, height, 7m to 25m
Grades: 11 to 25.
Comments:  4 Great Crags. Guide updated Dec 2013 (walking acess to K2)
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Rock Type: Rhyolite
Route type: Sport & Trad.
No. of routes: 200+, height 10m to 120m
Grades: 8 to 28.
Comments:  Fantastic Crags. New Guide Jan/2019
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Waitomo (Frog Pond)

Rock Type: Limestone
Route type: Sport, (some Trad).
No. of routes: 13, height, 8m to 20m
Grades: 14 to 25.
Comments: Nice climbing , development potential
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Rock Type: Limestone
Route type: Sport routes.
No. of routes: 50+, height, 5m to 30m
Grades: 12 to 23.
Comments: Lots of easy and moderate climbs. Great rock.
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Rock Type: Rhyolite
Route type:  Sport & Trad.
No. of routes: 20+, height, 8m to 15m
Grades: 13 to 25.
Comments:  Great Rock. Updated October 2007.
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Rock Type: Greywhacke
Route type:  Top Rope - Sport- Trad 
No. of routes: 32, height, 10m to 15m
Grades: 12 to 20.
Comments:  Close to Palmerston North. Guide Posted Jan 2008.
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Other Walls in CNI

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